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2009 SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index

SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL AND OFFICE REALTORS (SIOR) is known for it's exceptional market knowledge and capabilities of its members and the SIOR Commercial Real Estate Index. Ed Redlich, one of only 25 Miami SIOR's, has provided a summary of the results of the 4th Quarter 2008 survey below for the Miami industrial real estate market.

The Industrial Market Index, a miniscule 2.1 points higher than office, fell 15.4 points, its greatest quarter-to-quarter decline since the Index began in Third Quarter 2005, landing it at 43.6 points to end the year.

Respondents from the South, scored 54.2 points—the best score of all the regions—helped along by the East South Central and West South Central sub-regions which reported a score of 57.8 and 66 points scores respectively. Compared to other regions, vacancy rates in the South were closer to their Fourth Quarter 2007 level and respondents from the South reported stable prices.

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Edward Redlich
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Doral warehouse video

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Florida District Export Council Meeting

Edward Redlich and Michael Weihl of ComReal Miami were given the opportunity to attend the Florida District Export Council (DEC) meeting at the office of Kaufman Rossin CPA's. Neal Asbury, Chair, discussed the Export University and other issues relative to the State's exporting industry. Manny Mencia of Enterprise Florida was also a speaker. He stated there are over 16,000 exporters in Florida; 16% of USA overall. 2008 was a great year for Florida exporters.

Vision Council Annual Meeting for South Dade's Economy

Edward Redlich, past-Chairman of Homestead's Vision Council, delivered a year-end summary of South Dade's industrial real estate market. Redlich also gave a specific update on The Homestead Park of Commerce within the Foreign Trade Zone. ComReal Miami, Community Bank of Florida and Vision were all proud sponsors of the event. The next event is scheduled for March 24th.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doral stimulus projects claim to create over 3,000 jobs costing over $90,000,000

Doral stimulus projects claim to create over 3,000 jobs costing over $90,000,000.

The proposed purchase of Doral commercial properties include public works, police, city hall, charter school and a recreation center. Doral distribution and trucking companies often complain about the proximity of schools that often cause congestion and access problems to their Doral warehouses. Another negative effect is that as the government buys Doral commercial properties, less ad valorem taxes will be collected which puts a larger burden on the remaining private owners to pay in. I hear of an upcoming Miami tea party to protest the high government spending.

So what would benefit Doral's economy more? Perhaps if the U.S. Congress approved the outstanding trade agreements with Colombia, Mexico and Korea. The Doral import/export market is tremendous with many Doral warehouses serving Miami international trade. More Doral manufacturing and exporting means more jobs.

For more information on the Doral stimulus projects in Doral visit and/or You can also easily search other cities across the state and country.

For 30 years, ComReal Miami has been based in Doral and has played an integral role in Doral's commercial development. Currently, ComReal represents over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of Miami Airport West and Doral warehouse spaces. In 2003, ComReal Miami negotiated with the City of Doral for it's lease acquisition of Doral office space on NW 53 Street.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beijing Miami Real Estate Investors

A delegation of real estate investors from Beijing, China visited Miami this past week. The group received a tour of the area focusing on the office market from representatives of CCIM Miami and ComReal Real Estate Services. The delegation visited The Beacon Council offices and received a briefing on the assets of Miami-Dade County, demographic information and data on the real estate market as well as the state of the local economy. The group will continue to communicate with us and evaluate investment opportunities in our area.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beacon 97 Avenue. Class A Doral Warehouse Space in Miami.

ComReal Miami has been appointed as Leasing Agents for

Beacon 97th Avenue in Doral

400,000 sq. ft. of “Class A” Warehouses in Doral

44,000 - 105,000 sq. ft. Miami Warehouse Spaces Now Available!

Present tenants include Miami Ace Hardware, USPS Miami and Bell Microcomputer Miami.


Edward Redlich, SIOR, CCIM

Christopher Spear