Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advantages to hiring a professional Tenant Representative

When a tenant “hires” an Exclusive Tenant Representative, they are hiring a professional, whose sole interest is to find the best location, considering all variables, to conduct their business. A Tenant does not compensate their Tenant Representative. The compensation always comes from the Landlord in form of a negotiated commission.

When a prospective Tenant “goes at it alone”, or uses a myriad of Real Estate Professionals to “just look”, they are always at the mercy of the Landlord and the information that the Landlord is offering. Landlords are looking out for their best interest. There is not a professional looking out solely for the Tenants best interest.

In the State of Florida, unless an exclusive representation agreement is signed, Real Estate agents are considered “Transaction Brokers”. That means their fiduciary responsibility is not the landlord or to the prospective tenant but to the Transaction. A Transaction broker has done his/her job when the transaction closes. The Exclusive Tenant Representative has only completed their job when the Tenant is completely satisfied and signs a lease.

How would a prospective tenant really know what market rent is until they enter into negotiations for several different properties? How would a prospective tenant know what a Landlord is really willing to offer as far as Tenant improvements unless there is market knowledge of what the competition is doing?

For more information on how a Tenant Representative can help you find a new office or to see if renewing your current lease in existing space is the best alternative, please call or e-mail me today.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ComReal Miami attends the 14th Annual Americas Food and Beverage Show

The morning of Tuesday October 26th, 2010 was a morning meant for making deals. Manufacturing companies were looking for distributors or supermarket chains to distribute their products to and logistic companies were looking for new business partners to help move freight from one location to another.

It seemed like everyone was abuzz with the overwhelming amount of companies that had set up shop at the show; everyone seemed ecstatic whether it was to do business or whether it was to try out some new food. I’m glad I went to the 14th Americas Food and Beverage Show that was held in the Miami Beach Convention Center.

I bumped into quite a few companies that worked with cold storage, had cooler space, logistic companies, port logistics, freight forwarders, distribution companies, importers, exporters, wholesalers, etc. A few of the companies that I spoke to had international supply routes. Some just had routes to Latin America/South America, the Caribbean and the surrounding area, England and other parts of Europe, etc. Only the larger companies that worked with the ‘Americas’ had routes that extended to Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Most of these organizations were looking to find warehouses in South Florida.

As an industrial broker, and working with the industrial team, which specializes in warehouse space in the Miami Airport West submarket, such as Doral and Medley, we’re able to help companies move into suitable warehouse space or to find someone to lease or buy their warehouse space. In addition to warehouse space, ComReal Miami is able to help these companies move into suitable office space if they so desire.

There were quite a few import export governmental trade associations in attendance too in order to promote trade with their member companies. Such organizations include is the Southern United States Trade Association – SUSTA, and The Department of Export Promotion, just to name a few.

There were also a couple of seminars that I was in attendance to. Here’s a brief list of some of the seminars: Negotiating Effectively with the Right Business Partners While Protecting Your Trademarks, Complying with U.S. Import Requirements to Keep Costs Low & Efficiencies High, Hispanic Shopper and Retailer Study, The Kosher Marketplace: How This Growing Market Can Increase Sales and Attract Customers, Using Export Marketing Resources to Sell Your Product Overseas, etc.

Overall, I would give a very positive review for this event. If you’re interested in similar types of trade events, or need some insight on the industrial market, please email me, Dan Berkovitz, at dberkovitz@comreal.com. If you are in need of a great team that will take care of your warehouse needs, please dial our office number at (305) 591-3044 and any one of our industrial specialist’s will be able to help you with your needs.

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